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rof. LU has published 82 academic papers indexed by SCI, applied 26 patents, including 2 international patents from the United States, Japan and South Korea, 6 authorized invention patents, 4 utility model patents, 1 PCT patent, 1 American patent, and 1 Japanese patent. In 2018, Prof. Lu won the first prize of Fujian Province's outstanding academic paper on natural science, the first prize of Fujian provincial teaching achievement award, the bronze prize of the 4th China College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, and gained the title of excellent instructor of Fujian Provincial College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition. And she is engaged as the consultant of Jinan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd, the external expert of Xiamen XinGuangRunZe Technology Co., Ltd, and the external expert of Shanxi Key Laboratory of Preparation for Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Material.


Sept.1999~July.2003 B.S. in Super Hard Materials, Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials Department, College of Materials Science and Engineering, Yanshan University

Sept.2003~May.2009 Ph.D. in Materials Science, State Key Laboratory of Metastable Materials Science and Technology (Yanshan University)

Working Experience:

Aug.2009~Dec.2013 Lecturer, College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Huaqiao University

Jan.2014~Dec.2017 Associate Professor, Institute of Manufacturing Engineering, Huaqiao University

Dec.2014~Dec.2015 Visiting scholar at the University of Texas at Dallas, USA

Dec.2017~Present Professor, Institute of Manufacturing Engineering, Huaqiao University.

Research Interests:

Ultra-precision machining of semiconductor wafer substrates

Preparation and application of novel developed grinding and polishing tools

Surface modification of ultrafine abrasives and the interaction between abrasive and matrix

Research Projects:

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China (Youth Project), Study on ultraprecision machining technology of single crystal SiC based on semi-consolidation of single-dispersed nanodiamonds, 2012.01-2014.12 (as the project organizer)

2. National natural science foundation of China, Fundamental study on semi-consolidated flexible machining techniques of hard core-soft shell nano composite abrasive, 2015.01-2018.12 (as the project organizer)

3. National natural science foundation of China, Basic research on reaction grinding single crystal diamond substrate with metal abrasive porous ceramic wheel, 2020.01-2023.12 (as the project organizer)

4. The Science and Technology Key Project of Fujian Province of China, Research on Sapphire Wafer Polishing Technology based on Damage Detection, 2018.04-2021.03, (as the project organizer)

5. The Science and Technology Key Project of Xiamen, Research on High Efficiency and Super Fine Polishing Technology for Single Silicon Carbide Wafers, 2017.03-2020.03 (as the project organizer)

6. Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of Fujian, Basic Research on Hybrid Abrasive Semi-consolidated Flexible Polishing Technology of Diamond Wafer, 2018.06-2020.07 (as the project organizer)

7. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Processing principle and technique research on machining single crystal diamond wafer by cooperation between active/hard abrasives, 2018.01-2022.12 (as the participant)


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