Adjunct Faculty

Fangyi You
Master's tutor, has worked in the School of Mechatronics and Automation for more than 20 years. She mainly engaged in the Research of high-efficiency precision machining, material processing process monitoring and analysis, brittle hard materials advanced processing tools and technology, intelligent manufacturing process and equipment, abrasive processing technology, molding mold design and manufacturing.


Sept. 1989 - Sept. 1993 Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, Huaqiao University, P.R China
Sept.1993-Sept.1996 Master degrees. Mechanical Engineering, Huaqiao University
Sept.2002-Janu.2007 Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Huaqiao University

Working Experience
Sept.2006- current, Associate Professor in college of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Huaqiao University (China)
Aug,2016-Aug.2017, Visiting scholar, College of Mechanical Engineering, Michigan University (United States of America.)
Sept.1999- Sept.2006, Lecturer in College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Huaqiao University (China)
Sept.1996-Sept.1999, Assistant Lecturer in College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Huaqiao University (China)

Research Interests
Precision machining process optimization, inspect and control; Detection and analysis of process signal; Intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment; Mould design and manufacturing.

Research Projects
1.2014-2017 Presides in “Study on the performance of the multilayer super abrasive wheel base on grinding temperature and active grain ratio”.  National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51375180)  
2.2012-2015 Presides in “Key technology and properties evaluation of a new type aluminum bonded diamond grinding wheel”.  Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities(China) (Grant No. JB-ZR1209)
3.2012-2015 Participating in “Study on preparation and properties of high strength iron bonded CBN grinding wheel for high speed precision grinding”. National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51175792)

1.“Monitoring the performances of grinding wheel by the analysis of grinding temperature”, Fangyi You, 6th International Conference on Nanomanufacturing. Brunel University London,04Jul to 06Jul2018
2.“The Study on Optimum thickness of Thermocouple Used for Measuring the Grinding Temperatures of Brittle Materials”, Fangyi You, Qiulian Dai, Applied Mechanics and Materials,2014, Vols. 670-671: 1296-1300
3.“Development of a New Type of Metal Matrix for Porous Metal Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheels”, Qiu-lian DAI, Can-bin LUO, Fang-yi YOU,2014, Advanced Materials Research,2014, Vol.1035:281-287
4.“Experiment Research on Foaming the Complex Model of EPS/Grits for Lost Foam Casting Metal-boned Wheels”, YOU Fang-yi, DAI Qiu-lian,LOU Can-bin, YAN Jie, Journal of Sanming University, 2013,Vol.30(4):47-51
5.“Warp Analysis and Rib Optimization of the Shell-Shaped Injection Molding Part Based on Moldflow”, YOU Fang-yi,DAI Qiu-lian,LIU Jing-feng, Journal of Huaqiao University(Natural Science), 2013,Vol.34 (4):376-379
6.“Optimize Design of the Rib of Injected Panel Parts with Moldflow”, YOU Fang-yi,LIU Jing-feng,DAI Qiu-lian,WU Yan-peng, Journal 0f Quanzhou Normal University,2013,Vol.31(6):60-63
7.“Measurement and Analysis of Temperature Field in Surface Grinding of Brittle Material”, Fangyi-You, Jianyun-Shen,Xipeng-Xu, Diamond & Abrasives Engineering, 2011, Vol.31 (1): 62-65
8.“A method for calculating the maximal temperature of single grain though analyzing the grinding temperature signal”, Fangyi-You, Jianyun-Shen, Xipeng-Xu, Key Engineering Materials, 2009, 416:98-102(EI)
9.“Study on the Active Grains on Diamond Wheels in Surface Grinding”, Fangyi-You, Xipeng-Xu, China Mechanical Engineering, Vol.18, 2007(9): 1092-1096
10.“Analysis of Temperature in Grinding of Granite Based on Wavelet Transform”, Fangyi-You,Xipeng-Xu, Superhard Material Engineering, 2005, 17(3):11-15
11.“Applications of Infrared Technique in the Measuremen of Grinding Temperatures”, Fangyi-You,Xipeng-Xu, Journal of Huaqiao University(Natural Science), 2004, Vol.26(4): 338-342

Contact Information
Tel: 86 15359376266


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