Like magic, these amazing stickers bring your brand to life.

Simply tapping a phone to your sticker unleashes the engagement.


Physical stickers

Collectible quality stickers feature super-thin NFC tags that automagically connect to your content.

Digital experience

Fully licensed music playlists, videos, movies, and more content can be streamed with a simple tap of your phone.  

Engagement through the roof

Watch as your customers engage with your brand through the amazing power of our media-enabled stickers.

All this power is yours for around .70 per sticker.*

*Sticker prices vary based on volume and content.


It's A Beach Party This Fall

In the first of our new series of designer-inspired stickers, Chris Silverman presents Beach Party.

This design is currently available to beach-minded brands.

Simply select your music and this design is ready for print.

Mack Truck

Mack Truck partnered with fast-rising country star Steve Moakler to introduce its new truck.

Entertainment marketing agency G7 Entertainment tapped Frunes to design and deliver the perfect sticker for its big event in September.

Screenshot 2017-08-11 10.24.55.png

Grey's Anatomy

When The Scrub & Shoe Company, a leading retailer of scrubs to the hospital community called, Barco, the maker of Grey's Anatomy (and the largest scrub manufacturer in the world) thought it would be a great idea to get nurses in the groove - and drive sales to The Scrub & Shoe Company's website.

Brew Pubbery

The Brew Pubbery is known for spinning vintage vinyl, so they thought they'd let their patrons listen to their eclectic collection from anywhere.

Oh yeah, and use the Frunes sticker to drive reservations for the VIP seat at their fancy new bar.

Pork & Brook

Inspired by a local designer who's brought many a startup to life, Branson Pierce delivers "Music's Inside Me" -  a whimsically delivered cross section of a pig showing off its inner vinyl.

Other designs in this series are available.


Scare Fest

What better way to promote your local candy store than to provide kids at your annual neighborhood Halloween festival with stickers that feature the scariest songs and sounds of the holiday.

Oh yeah, and a digital coupon the kids can redeem when they come by the store!


First, we'll curate your own streaming music station.

Beginning with a custom ad, our curators will design the perfect station for your brand or promotion.


Examples of ads we've placed in custom stations:


We'll curate your playlist from thousands of the most sought after artists.

Here's a small sampling of recent artist and album additions:


Music is a powerful tool used by savvy marketers.

For nearly 17 years we've been creating award winning experiences for many of the world's largest brands.


See what Frunes can do for your business.

Companies large and small are using Frunes to connect with their customers in a variety of unique ways.



Feature the music that makes you unique



Drop a sticker in your packaging for better brand recall


Fashion & Apparel

Attach a sticker and extend the customer experience

Small Business

Get big media results without the budget


make the memories last forever



Enhance your brand's experience

Creativity is connection. In a moment, we hope to inspire and motivate our audience. We strive to produce a bond that is both simple and powerful. Modern life pushes the juxtaposition of the tangible and digital in everything we do. Frunes has the ability to bring self-expression, creativity and a true connection between a brand and their audience to the next level.
— Brett McCall, Executive Creative Director, SVP, Partner - Fleishman-Hillard

No app. Just tap. 


With no app to download and no codes needed, all your customers do is tap their phone to your sticker. The sticker does the rest.


Watch our first prototype

Here's a quick video of our inaugural "Music's Inside Me" sticker. Imagine your custom sticker, messaging, and bespoke music playlist automagically streaming when your customers tap their phones over your sticker.

  • No apps to install
  • Plays from any browser
  • Attach promotional websites & apps
  • No limits on listens
frunes for demo.png

Powerful tech inside

Each Frune is embedded with a super thin Near Field Communication tag (NFC). This special tag provides a user's phone with a command without using any battery power or requiring a special app. Frunes call up a URL that streams your content and is dedicated to your campaign.

  • Works on most Android & Windows phones
  • iOS 11 compatible in September
  • Connect to more than 750 third-party apps

highest quality printing

Frunes are painstakingly printed in multiple steps with 4 layers of removable PET 3-dimensional plastic for long-term durability and aesthetic. The NFC tag is hidden between layers and is not visible to you.

For design requirements, please visit the FAQ section.


data analytics & campaigns

These aren't your everyday stickers. Get real-time data analytics that tell you who is listening to your playlist, where they are, and so much more. We know you can buy stickers from anyone, but these are the only stickers that collect data and show you how to grow your business.

  • Geo-targeting
  • Complete behavioral analytics
  • Create & push campaigns
Justin J looks for solutions through different lenses. He is an extreme thinker and has a passion for all things clever. Thumbs up.
— David Burke, Celebrity Chef, Author, Inventor

Connect to third-party apps for incredible marketing results.

Your stickers can connect to hundreds of third-party apps, enabling you to engage with your customers, drive sales, and collect data.


Use machine learning to better understand your customers.

Issue your loyalty points when a customer clicks through to promotional pages.


Ask your customers to fill out your beautiful forms and send real time notifications when completed.

Generate event signups and have them post to your favorite CRM software.


To see the endless possibilities available to you, visit Zapier. Frunes can deliver your data in a spreadsheet that can be quickly connected to more than 750 third-party apps. We'd be happy to get you set up.


Your most effective marketing tool for the price of a sticker.

Get more than $25 worth of music and an incredible customer experience for less than a dollar.

  • Artist
  • from
    .38/ sticker
  • 2,500 sticker minimum
  • Bring your own content
  • Custom messaging & clickthrough
  • Engagement data
  • Business
  • from
    .795/ sticker
  • 2,500 sticker minimum
  • 10 licensed tracks / unlimited listens
  • Custom messaging & clickthrough
  • Engagement data
  • Brand
  • from
    .595/ sticker
  • 25,000 sticker minimum
  • 25 licensed tracks / unlimited listens
  • Custom messaging & clickthrough
  • Engagement data & custom experience design

Orders that do not require music get wholesale sticker pricing, click for special pricing here


We're passionate about helping companies grow

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