How does NFC work?

NFC, short for Near Field Communication is a technology with incredible possibilities. If you've ever experienced Apple Pay where you touch your phone to a terminal at checkout, this is NFC. Basically, each Frune sticker has an NFC tag which we've inserted in between the layers of the sticker. This tag is encoded to tell your phone what to do. In our case, the phone is instructed to open your browser and pull up the URL we've assigned to your sticker campaign. 

how many phones does NFC currently work on?

As of today, our stickers work with more than 600 different phone models. You can see a current list of models here. You'll be hearing a great deal about NFC as soon as Apple's new version 11 of iOS is released in mid September and when the new iPhone is introduced at about the same time. At that time, most of your customers will have NFC-enabled phones.

How are the stickers made?

We have taken great care to create the best performing stickers possible. Why? Because we want them to last forever. Our innovative process uses 3 dimensional plastic that has a vinyl quality and encompasses the NFC tag. And they're removable.

How long does it take to receive the stickers?

Depending on the quantity and complexity of the web app (customization), the stickers are pretty straightforward. We're currently working on a 3 week lead time do to the volume of our early orders. We'll give you specific delivery details once we fully understand what you're looking for. 

Is the music licensed?

You bet it is. Our catalog is currently more than 22 million tracks and all of them have been fully licensed. Our streaming player delivers the music in a DMCA-compliant fashion which is very similar to your local radio station. With DMCA, you cannot rearrange the order of songs and the number of times you can skip a songs is limited too. If you have a song you'd like featured, we'll ask for a copy of the rights so everyone is protected (and gets paid!).

can the web app that holds the player be customized?

Absolutely. As part of the sticker price we'll create a custom banner that links to your web app or website of choice. But if you want us to get super strategic + creative, we'd be happy to deliver something custom. Remember, our roots are hard core marketing innovation and our team has delivered dozens of bespoke campaigns that drive business results.

can i request a specific artist?

For sure. We have more than 17 years experience developing brand + artist partnerships and have worked with Taylor Swift, Lifehouse, Katy Perry, and hundreds of other world-class artists.

can i stream a video?

Yep. We can connect your web app to a YouTube or Vimeo stream, or we can embed it on your page. If you'd like to feature a video instead of music, just reach out to us. We can drop your video into our player and stream it using our patented platform.

Can you explain the patents?

Our patents, in layman's terms, enable any type of content to be presented from a browser without risk of theft and with barely any buffering. For end-users, we offer the ability to stream without a native app and the listening experience is first-rate. From a business perspective, any content delivered by us is uniquely protected from theft. We think our patents hold incredible promise for the music industry, movies, or for any business that sends sensitive data over internet connections.

Other patents pending now and in the future relate to the capabilities of the sticker, particularly as connected to other data services, among other items we can't quite get into here.

How do you connect to all the third-party services?

This is one of the most exciting features of our stickers. And it's simple. We deliver all your user data in a simple spreadsheet. Using Zapier, you can connect your spreadsheet to more than 750 third-party apps. Companies are using this simple solution to create incredibly complex and useful workflows. We happen to be experts, so please talk to us about any connections you'd like to explore.

What are the sticker specifications?

Frunes are specially designed 4-layer PET stickers that are removable and have your NFC tag embedded between layers. Here are our design requirements:

  • Total stickers size is 80mm x 80mm
  • Internal sticker (kiss cut) must be a minimum of 19MM at its shortest measurement to accommodate the NFC tag
  • Internal sticker must be centered
  • White boarder around kiss cut sticker is suggested (8 pixels)
  • 4 color maximum
  • Printed back of sticker will accommodate a Frunes "How To" and Terms section (bottom 30%)
  • Printed back is black print on white background only
  • Frunes logo must be placed anywhere on the front of the sticker

Download Frunes assets

The logos below need to be placed somewhere on the front of your sticker. The minimum size should be 12 pixels, with no maximum size requirement. We suggest 18-24 pixels high. Select the image below and "Save As..." to your computer.

 Frunes Gray Logo (Large)

Frunes Gray Logo (Large)

 Frunes Pink Logo (Large)

Frunes Pink Logo (Large)