Make your brand more stickery.

Want your marketing to stick? Here are five reasons why these stickers will get you that big raise!

There’s a persistent question that plagues brand marketers: In an increasingly cluttered arena, how do you get your marketing to stick?

At Frunes, we believe the best answers are usually the most obvious - and simple. That’s why we invented a marketing vehicle that combines the latest cutting-edge technology with something that almost every consumer has clung to since their childhood:


But Frunes are not old-fashioned stickers that just stick; these stickers stream music—and we're talking about all the latest tracks from the coolest artists that your target market wants to hear.

How does it work? Frunes takes near field communication technology (NFC—the technology that allows Apple Pay to work by just touching your iPhone at a checkout terminal) and inserts it between the layers of a beautiful, durable custom branded sticker. When your customers touch your sticker with their phones, its NFC tag opens their browser and directs them to your campaign URL and begins streaming your playlist. Once there, your message will stick. Here’s why:

  1. Consumers love to get physical. Recent neurological studies have determined that the most effective forms of advertising are those in which physical objects are present. Why? Because more senses evoke a deeper emotional response. A tactile object such as a sticker thus creates a more positive and lasting effect on the brain.
  2. Marketing is most effective when it’s fun. People love collecting stickers. Whether they’re displayed on vehicles, laptops, notebooks, or backpacks, they're a quirky and often humorous way of identifying what’s important to us and what our passions are.
  3. Music creates a deeply emotional connection and is experienced in context. This means that as a customer is listening to your playlist, she becomes connected to your brand. The next time she hears a song from your playlist, there’s an excellent chance she'll associate it with your brand.
  4. These stickers convert themselves. Frunes campaigns enjoy ridiculously high conversion rates for a simple reason: They’re awesome! Who can resist showing off new technology like this to their friends? In turn, their friends will want to share it with others.
  5. Frunes offers a substantial ROI. Our founder, Justin Jarvinen, is a renowned growth strategist who applies neuroeconomics and game theory to help influence consumer decisions. He has applied his unique understanding of music and marketing to create a new product - and model - for the delivery of content, at a price marketers can afford. In fact, more than $25 dollars worth of music is available on each sticker! Each sticker ranges in cost from just 40c - 80c, depending on volume. It’s one of the most cost-effective media buys you’ll ever make.

Frunes delivers the ultimate marketer's trifecta: a tangible Internet of Things promotional item that engages customers with curated music and allows you to enable additional desirable behaviors (such as driving consumers to complete surveys or share your message across both social and real world channels).

In short, Frunes will make your brand more stickery – and make you look like the marketing genius you are!